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We love design, and we always keep up with teh latest trends and standards. Things we love is a carefully curated library of articles from around the web that have influenced us and hope can inspire you. Together with out own posts covering new sites, apps and designs, we hope you enjoy the things we love!

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The oldest logos that still exist today

#logo #design #branding

Using the same imagery to represent their brand for so long has allowed these popular logos and brands to become some of the most recognizable to people all around the world...

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The best book covers of the last year

#books #design #authors

People love a good design trend story (guilty!). When it comes to book covers, it’s a delight to read about Frappucino unicorns...

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The very best print adverts of all time

#print #design #creative

In this digital era, the best print adverts can still have a huge amount of power. Clever copy and an arresting image can grab our attention and stay with us for a long time afterwards

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CASE STUDY: JT&c Launch new website, SupremePower®.

#website design #development #casestudy

SupremePower®, The premier aftermarket automotive supplier and service center, Southern California...

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How to Promote an NFT

#digitalart #art #NFTs

What we know as “the NFT boom” has changed our perception of traditional arts. But, the topic of the future of NFTs raises mixed feelings among crypto experts.

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Fonts for Culture Branding

#typography #fonts #art

Museums, galleries, theaters, concert halls, artists, musicians … the culture industry is full of opportunities to design the world at large.

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JT&c Tungsten Collaborative Rebrand and rebuild after Dragon's Den success.

#website design #branding #development

Fresh on the heels of Tungsten Collabs Dragon's Den product success, we rebuild the website to be more user and SERP friendly.

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Audi rebrands with "significantly more modern" flat logo.

#branding #rebranding

German auto manufacturer Audi has unveiled a flat, simplified version of its distinctive four-ringed logo...

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Typography & Font Trends: The 10 Most Popular trends of so far this year

#trends #typography

The smallest things make the biggest impact. And one place this is always true is the selection of typography and fonts

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Do we perceive colors differently depending on the language we speak?

#design #colortheory #language

In languages such as Russian, Greek and Turkish, there are different terms for light blue and dark blue.

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3 ways car design is about to change forever, according to Ford

#design #automotive #creativity

Anthony Lo, Ford’s new Chief Design Officer, explains where cars are going next: an upgradeable, aerodynamic living room on wheels ...

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Can creativity be a catalyst for change? BBC Earth Investigates

#nature #art #creativity

To coincide with BBC Earth’s “Our Green Planet” initiative, we invited a group of creatives to develop an original series ...

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JT&c Client to appear on Dragons Den pitching safe solutions for ring removal.

#productdesign #tungstencollaborative

Two of Co-Founders Dr. Kevin Spencer & Patrick Hennessey stepped into the CBC studio in Toronto and pitched safe and effective solutions ...

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Is VR the “right” medium to experience Hilma af Klint's paintings?

#design #art #museum #klint

The biggest challenge of course is that Hilma af Klint is no longer alive”: Acute Art sets about realising the temple af Klint ...

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Peca's Petra dining table celebrates the "raw beauty" of volcanic stone

#design #productdesign #eco #green

Mexican design studio Peca has created a monolithic table made entirely from black volcanic stone, which is shaped and finished to express ...

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Citroën returns to original logo to create "symbol of progress" for electric era

#branding #logos #automotive

French car manufacturer Citroën has unveiled a new logo that recalls the brand's original 1919 logo, to mark the start of a new "dynamic era".

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Johannes López Ayala, CD at Tipogris talks about his favorite typefaces for Books.

#typography #books #design #fonts

The printed book has been the supreme discipline of typography ever since moveable type was invented. Today, more text is read on screens than on paper ...

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Bjarke Ingels Group’s New Singapore Skyscraper Has 80,000 Plants

#design #architecture #eco #green

After four years of construction, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) has completed its latest project: CapitaSpring, a 919-foot biophilic skyscraper in Singapore.

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An architecture firm in Bali that builds modern, jungle mansions out of bamboo

#architecture #design #realestate

Ateardrop-shaped door spins on its axis, a four-poster bed has aircon jets keeping it cool, and a kitchen counter carved from granite sparkles ...

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Branding, visual identity and packaging design for Aegle's Botanicals

#branding #logos #healthwellness

Aegle's is a London-based nutricosmetic skincare brand that develops nutritional supplements and topical products for women with skin conditions.

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JT&c Client partners with comedian Russell Peters representing TCS as brand ambassador

#marketing #celebrity

Russell Peters joins The Condo Store Realty Inc as brand ambassador, representing and promoting pre-construction condos in Toronto.

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This Sleek $16.5 Million Bel Air Mansion Was Inspired by Modern-Day Hypercars

#architecture #design

This new Los Angeles listing is a petrolhead’s dream. This modern Roberto Lane manse was designed by Arshia Architects ...

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